Tax Planning

Tax planning is a core activity of the firm.  Our staff are all aware of the impact of tax on commercial transactions.  Our tax department gives specialist support to our staff and to clients as soon as we are aware there is a tax implication.  The complexity of legislation now requires specialist tax planning to enable our clients legally to minimise their exposure to all taxes.

The tax advice we give is always tailored to our clients' circumstances and facts. Clients are rarely identical, so "one size fits all" does not work!

Typical tax department planning includes:

Reducing personal income tax or capital gains tax, including consideration of tax-efficient investments or other reliefs that may be available.

Tax planning for businesses, including identifying and optimising claims for relief, for example identifying items eligible for capital allowances and enhanced capital allowances for energy or water efficient plant.

Corporation tax planning by optimising companies' tax relief claims, including planning for groups of companies.

Remuneration planning for owners and key employees, including dividend or fees planning, tax efficient remuneration and share incentive schemes.

Estate and inheritance tax planning, including advising on the structure and content of wills and inheritance tax efficient investments.

Trust planning, in conjunction with estate planning or otherwise.

Planning for particular transactions, including company mergers, acquisitions, disposals or reorganisations, share buy-backs, or the acquisition or disposal of significant assets.

Consideration of the VAT implications of transactions or VAT planning in general to optimise the exposure of a business to VAT.