Tax Enquiries

A tax enquiry can be a stressful time.  We try to ease the strain for you in our dealings with the tax authorities.  Of course you remain responsible for your own affairs, but we can handle the conduct of the enquiry and help protect your rights as well as advise you of your responsibilities.

We recommend that our clients take advantage of the Donohue Smith & Hartwell Tax Investigations Service which is a scheme to reimburse the accountancy fees incurred if you are subject to a tax enquiry. (It does not however cover any of the cost of the tax liability itself.)

An HMRC tax enquiry can take many different forms. It may be:

  • A random enquiry.
  • An enquiry into a particular aspect of your (or your company's) tax return, which could be dealt with relatively simply or which could be a more technical matter.
  • A full enquiry into all your tax affairs for one or more years including, in particular, a detailed review of your the books and records of your business.
  • A PAYE routine visit or an in-depth enquiry.